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OK just for JR....So let me fill everyone in on my life. My first boyfriend ever from like six grade moved back to town and we've been hanging out. I had SOO much fun except he wants to date again and is going psycho crazy about it, so everyone knows what this means. Because of Andrew Eubanks i'm gonna have to break another boy's heart. Why won't Drew get out of my head and heart long enough to let me be happy? He's dating again...why can't I? I really don't think he's coming back again so all I'm doing is screwing myself over once again. This is about the thirtieth (slight exaggeration haha) wonderful guy wanting to date me since Drew. And I just can't do it. GAH...he frustrates me...He just won't get away. Which is weird, because he did go away. I don't ever really talk to him or see him anymore. Once a week at church maybe. But other than that he's still with me. An call me psycho (JR), because I am. When i wake up after a bad dream, without thinking I reach for the phone to call him. And guess what? He's fast asleep without a care for me. And it sucks, cause I should be able to move on. Anyone know how to move on???? Because I would love to date someone. I would love to have some fun with someone other than the girls and David (he's gay). AHHHHH....sigh...
And to add to my frustrations haha, I get to vote this year. Why does that frustrate me? Because George Bush was incapable of living up to my expectations, and John Kerry is a joke of a Catholic and just a joke in general. So who to vote for? I shoulda ran....:)
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Too long

Ok, ok...Too long since I updated. I apologize. Anyways, I opened my first checking account! Yea for me! Josh is officially back home, which actually isn't too bad. Him and Amanda are talking about marriage :) Ha, that's crazy, my brother getting married. And in one year from today I will be graduating high school! AH! College...where to go, where to go...But I am determined. To do what you may ask? Ha, if you know me well enough then you already know. Stay posted and when I have accomplished what I am determined to do, I will let you know...
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so maybe

So maybe I am just undateable...cause apparently I am...So many guy friends...So many innapropriate comments, but yet...no boy. And really I'm not looking for anything. But all my friends are dating people right now...and it's getting kind of lonely. Oh well...I'll wait for something worthwhile...
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OK, i wasn't looking for these, but I just happened upon them...enjoy :) These are hilarious...

Funny Country Titles:
-Get Your Tongue Otta My Mouth 'Cause I'm Kissing You Goodbye
-How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away?
-I Can't Get Over You, So Why Don't You Get Under Me?
-I Hate Every Bone In Your Body Except For Mine
-I Liked You Better Before I Knew You So Well
-I Still Miss You Baby, But My Aim's Gettin' Better
-I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dog Fight, Cause I'm Afraid She
Would Win
-I'm So Miser'ble Without You, It's Like Having You Here
-If I Can't Be Number One In Your Life, Then Number Two On
-Mama Get A Hammer (There's A Fly On Papa's Head)
-She Got The Ring and I Got The Finger
-You're the Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly
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Long time...No write

So sorry that it has been so long. I have been really busy with work and prom. Prom was so much fun. I felt beautiful and like a princess. I think that's why most girls enjoy prom...it's a confidence booster. And among other news...my brother is moving home...permanently. Ask me how I feel about this in exactly two weeks. I think he's gonna transfer to UT this fall. Why is he doing this? A long story that I'm not at liberty to divulge, but basically he's decided that perhaps he should get his life in order and get serious with Amanda, which requires moving back here. More power to him. This adds yet another reason to move away...Ha...
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hate this...

I hate this...I hate life right now. I cannot take this anymore...No one understands today. I am just so angry. Everything makes me angry. We are remodeling the bathroom and I am going insane. I just one run away. I wanna run so hard....Just leave and never ever come back...
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Yeah so...told Drew i wasn't ready for a full time commitment again. He's pissed..oh well...SO, prom is one week from today. I am so excited...my dress is SO freakin pretty. Ah...yeah, so my manager is in jail on work release so whenever he works he's in such a good mood, probably because he's not being butt raped for 10 hours ha...Anyways...lots of random stuff...night :)
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Thoughts on the Cold war

yes, yes....i hate the cold war. Why you ask? Because it's dull. The only good thing to study about it is the Nuclear Bomb stuff. And even that is dull, cause there is something about wiping out mass amounts of people that just does not appeal to me on a humanitarian level. Why can't it be a fun war? The Civil War has so many great documentaries, movies, music, and books about it that it is fun. The American Revolution is fun (as evidenced by Heath Ledger and Mel Gibson in the Patriot...that is fun). Even the French Revolution is fun ( don't tell mrs jones i said that) since they had a guillotine. But the Cold War: NOT FUN....anyways, thanks to JR i have my paper finished, and i will escape his advances even though i owe him the world. Goodnight All :)
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bad day

Hello, Life. Today you made my car stop and my tears start. You made my dad yell and that special someone stay silent. Today 2 of my friends had a car accident, yet once again I'm fine. Some days you give me something to breathe about and somedays you take my breath away. Sometimes you make me cry, but sometimes you make me laugh....Sometimes you give me things that make me laugh until I cry. Sometimes you introduce me to new people that I hate. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes, you give me a sunny day that makes me burst with happiness. Sometimes you make me say goodbye to people that I love. Sometimes I want to say goodbye to you. But, this morning...like every other morning...I will wake up, and once again I will say hello. And no matter what you throw my way...You will go on....
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ahh Softball games

Last night Drew and I went to his softball game...he drove, of course, since I have no license. It was so much fun, and it just reminded me of all the old times. He wants to get back together, and I am seriously considering it, but I just don't know. I'm so afraid things will end up like they did last time, and I just don't want that. Plus, I know how much it would hurt Derrick which is the last thing I want to do. In one way I just want to take things really slow, but I know how things with him just have a way of snowballing. And it may be fun for the summer but when he goes back to college, it may not be so much fun. Oh well, we will see....and now, back to the projects. One for Madame Jones, one for Frary, and one for Moore. Plus a exam for Wilde. Stupid honors classes.
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